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Nilambag Palace

The Nilambag Palace is an exclusive heritage hotel that provides an unrivaled experience of imperial opulence along with the comfort of modern luxuries. Verdant, calm and serene, Nilambag Palace welcomes the weary traveller to an ideal getaway. Nilambag offers a wide range of rooms, which includes 20 palace rooms and 7 Royal cottages. All modern amenities are provided in each of the rooms.


The premium room in the palace, the Maharani Suite gives the true majestic experience, one that transcends time to take you to an ethereal era.

Personal chambers of princes of yore, the Heritage Classic Rooms come with private balconies, overlooking the palace lawns.

A savour of regal splendor is given in these former rooms of the erstwhile princesses.

The experience of the Royal Cottage, aims to provide this luxury by making it more affordable yet retaining the cultural and historical ethos of the legacy that is the Nilambag Palace Hotel.